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Important Disclosures

Use of Content

The use of content on the Retromoon BSC website, as well as related sites and applications, is subject to the Retromoon BSC Terms and Conditions of Use.

Unauthorized Disclosure Prohibited

The information provided in Retromoon BSC publications is deemed private, privileged, and confidential, licensed for sole individual use by subscribers. Retromoon BSC retains all rights to the publication’s content. Any forwarding, copying, disseminating, or distribution, either in whole or in part, including substantial quotation or release of specific investment recommendations, is strictly prohibited.

Participation in such activities warrants immediate termination of subscriptions at Retromoon BSC’s sole discretion. Engaging in such activities may violate U.S. copyright laws and could lead to legal prosecution. Retromoon BSC holds the right to monitor the use of publications through any electronic means it deems necessary, with the flexibility to change those means without prior notice. If unintended recipients receive the publication, they are urged to contact [email protected].

Retromoon BSC retains the authority to cancel any subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, the subscriber will be promptly refunded the amount of the subscription payment related to the remaining subscription period. Cancellation may result from unauthorized use, reproduction, or rebroadcast of Retromoon BSC publications or website, infringement or misappropriation of proprietary rights, or any reason determined at the sole discretion of Retromoon BSC.


Retromoon BSC’s website and newsletters, both current and future, are published by Retromoon BSC. Information in these publications is sourced from believed reliable sources, but accuracy isn’t guaranteed. It’s not intended as individual investment advice or tailored to personal financial situations. Views expressed are for information purposes only, not an offer, endorsement, or inducement to invest. Opinions expressed are subject to change without notice, and the information may become outdated without an obligation to update it.

Readers are advised to discuss investment options with financial advisers before making decisions. Retromoon BSC and related entities, employees, officers, family, and associates may have positions in securities or commodities covered in publications or on the website. Corporate policies aim to avoid and resolve conflicts of interest. Specific investment advice via email is prohibited by U.S. regulations.

Affiliate Notice

Retromoon BSC has affiliate agreements that may involve fee sharing. Those interested in the affiliate program can contact [email protected]. Retromoon BSC may also engage in affiliate programs offered by other companies. Corporate policy mandates no influence on product or service recommendations or alterations to pricing. Users are encouraged to perform due diligence before transacting business with any firm.

Legal Disclosures

Views expressed are for information purposes only and shouldn’t be seen as an offer or inducement to invest. Before investing with any CTA, fund, or program, investors must read and examine the respective disclosure document or offering memorandum thoroughly. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. Confidential or privileged information is intended only for the individual or entity named above and doesn’t constitute an offer or advice about alternative investment products. Always review important disclosures at the end of each article.

Retromoon BSC companies may have marketing relationships with mentioned products and services for a fee.

Risk Disclosure

Past results don’t indicate future results. There’s a risk of loss and opportunity for gain when investing in managed funds. Consider various risks, including leveraging, illiquidity, complex tax structures, lack of regulatory requirements, high fees, and non-transparency in underlying investments. Alternative investment performance can be volatile, with the potential for a substantial loss. Often, managers have total trading authority, leading to a lack of diversification and higher risk. There may be no secondary market for an investor’s interest in alternative investments. Alternative investments involve substantial risks, and investors should carefully consider these risks before investing.